The TV Show

“The Street Psychic” TV Show

You never know where he’ll show up, whom he’ll talk to or what he’ll say.

He’s not just a psychic, he’s a kick ass, no bull, “here’s what you need to do to get your life together” street guru on a skateboard. Yep, life’s about to get a lot more interesting.

“The Street Psychic” is more than just a typical psychic reading forum show. Peter walks the streets, through neighborhoods and into shops to read people cold. Some are excited, some are sceptical, most are shocked, but all of them leave with a new sense of direction and understanding about themselves.

Peter used to hardly ever leave his sanctuary. Behind his high walls, in is garden, he found a peace and harmony that even the monks in a nearby temple were fond of. But then one day a spirit put a thought into Peter’s head, to get out from behind his walls into the streets and use his psychic gift and his teachings to help people in all walks of life. He knew then and there it was his destiny to speak one’s truth. So from that day on, he roamed the streets on his skateboard looking for people he could help using his psychic gift. He never really thinks about where he is going, he just lets fate take him where it will… So far so good.

Episodes can be seen below or online at: The Street Psychic

The Street Psychic: Pilot – “You’re not a Jersey Girl”

The Street Psychic: Episode 1 – “I hear things”

The Street Psychic: Episode 2 – “I feel things”

The Street Psychic: Episode 3 – “I see things”

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