About me

About me

I was born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pieces and in the year of the rat under Chinese astrology. My grandmother on my mother’s side was of royal blood being the daughter of a count. My Grandmothers on both sides of my family were born psychics and healers. I inherited my natural gifts and abilities from them. I have always had contact with Spirit even from a young age.

My father brought me to a metaphysical church where the minister recognized my abilities and introduced me to my current career path as a psychic and medium. After my father became ill, I began focusing my abilities on healing others.

I have been tested as having an accuracy rating of an exceptional 82% and became a member of the International Spiritualists Federation. I have worked with several divisions of law enforcement helping resolve cold cases and have also appeared on several radio programs across the country where I psychically read callers and performed remote healing over the telephone. Along with being featured in newspapers, magazines and on the internet, I have appeared on several television specials including one where I connected with ghosts aboard the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California.

Today, I am an internationally known psychic/medium and I’m a highly acclaimed professional in the metaphysical community. I use my psychic abilities to help clarify problems in people’s lives. I tell people much that they wish to know about themselves, their direction in life, their relationships, and at times discovers their hidden talents. I use a combination of Tarot, clairvoyance, and clairsentience to interpret for people. I have a strong contact with Spirit in both its wisdom and healing aspects. As a medium, I connect people with their lost loved ones. As a highly respected psychic and medium, I am well known for my clear and accurate predictive abilities.

I have the unique psychic ability to handle situations with clarity, calm and confidence to align with an intuitive level of awareness, bringing my talent to full spectrum for audiences nationwide.

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